Sustainability determines our actions

TEP`s services ranges and extends from photovoltaic house power plants with roofs and façade applications for residential buildings, multi tendent condo building to industrial megawatt systems. Naturally, this includes the integration of innovative battery storage technology, hybrid diesel systems, energy management and smart home applications.

Implementing new and innovative approaches to create further opportunities towards renewable energies in order to influence our energy mix in the long term. These include the further development of applications in the segment of building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV). Possible areas of application include photovoltaic façade technology, in-roof applications and balcony applications, as well as the integration of electric mobility applications.

The European Directive on the “Energy Performance of Buildings” (EPBD 2010) stipulates that starting from 2020 all new buildings constructed in the EU states must be designed as “nearly-zero energy buildings”. Building-integrated photovoltaic solutions can help to achieve this goal. TEP has taken up this challenge and is involved in a network for energy-efficient construction solutions.